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Stacia M. Troshynski Brown, DPT, PT

Stacia Troshynski Brown portrait
Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training

Professional Background

A clinical assistant professor, Stacia Troshynski Brown, DPT, PT, OCS, has been on faculty in the Department of Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, and Athletic Training since 2015. She practiced concurrently in the outpatient orthopaedic setting for ten years and the acute care setting for seven years prior to transitioning to her academic role and developed a strong interest in helping people suffering from chronic pain.

Currently Troshynski Brown teaches courses across all three years of the physical therapy doctoral degree program including the physical therapy screening portion of pathophysiology, cardiopulmonary physical therapy, and specialties in physical therapy practice. She also coordinates the integrated clinical experiences for first-year students and serves as a preceptor and mentor to students in several KU clinics including the Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center and the JaySTART pro bono clinic.

Beyond her faculty responsibilities, Troshynski Brown works in several clinics affiliated with KU Medical Center and The University of Kansas Health System.

Service to the profession of physical therapy continues to heavily influence her clinical work and research interests, and currently she serves as a delegate for Kansas to the American Physical Therapy Association's House of Delegates. Previously she held the position of president of the Kansas Physical Therapy Association.

Academic Background
Troshynski Brown graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in English and then obtained her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2006. She became a board-certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy in 2009. In 2017 she achieved recognition as a multiple sclerosis-certified specialist.



Troshynski Brown's research interests extend into both the educational and the clinical practice domains. In terms of educational interests, she is investigating the development and implementation of curricular assessments to achieve exemplary effectiveness and efficiency in physical therapy educational programs.

In addition, she is interested in further exploring the use of the humanities in health professions curricula in order to develop areas of empathy, professionalism, communication, and adaptability. Intersecting both educational and clinical practice domains, Troshynski Brown is studying the relationship between purpose in life and physical activity, specifically in special populations, to determine directionality and opportunities for intervention.

Learn more about her work in the Leveraging Education and Research in Physical Therapy laboratory.