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Current Studies

See some of the current projects and collaborations taking place at the Center for Healthcare Quality Research and Data Science in the School of Nursing.


Research and Development to Support the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators 

The goal of this project is to develop new quality measures of nurse staffing, nursing processes, patient outcomes, and the nursing work environment. Funded by Press-Ganey, Inc. (PI:  Dr. Nancy Dunton) 

Assessing the Quality of Nurse Residency Programs  

This study identifies high-performing nurse residency programs and, through qualitative interviews, identifies program elements related to nurse retention, competency, and transition to the professional role.  Funded by Vizient, Inc.  (PI: Dr. Nancy Dunton) 

Effects of Patient Turnover on Nursing Care and Patient Outcomes in Acute Care Hospital Settings 

This study examines the effects of patient turnover on nursing care and patient safety in various types of inpatient units and hospitals.  Funded by grant R01 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (PI: Dr. Shin Hye Park)   

Emerging Novel Data on COVID-19 for iNvestigating Outcomes Worldwide (END COVID-19 NOW) Study 

The purpose of this pilot study is to begin developing a common metric of strategies to reduce COVID-19 morbidity and mortality rates across 143 countries to by which to make comparisons across countries using open access datasets in a latent variable modeling framework (PI: Dr. Frances M. Yang).  

Determining Implementation Variation and Outcome Measures for a Peer Recovery Coach Program.  

The purpose of the project is to examine how a peer recovery coach program has been implemented in Emergency Departments and determine the best ways to measure program success. (PI Dr. Danielle Olds) 

Kansas City Engaging Patients in Care Coordination (KC-EPICC): Tele-Peer Recovery Coaching During COVID-19.  

This project will describe how the KC-EPICC program has been changed by COVID-19 and the impact of these changes to stakeholders. (PI Dr. Danielle Olds) 

Optimizing Patient-Clinician Communication in Cancer Treatment and Palliative Care: An Exploration of the Use of Open Notes

The purpose of this pilot study is to determine palliative care clinicians’, oncology care clinicians’, and patients with cancer’s perspectives on the use of shared clinical notes or open notes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. (PI: Dr. Heather Nelson-Brantley)

Using Implementation Science to Close Disparities in Advance Care Planning in Rural Primary Care

The purpose of this study is to 1) identify determinants of advance care planning adoption in rural primary care practices, and 2) develop a tailored, multicomponent strategy for implementing advance care planning into rural primary care. (PI: Dr. Heather Nelson-Brantley)

Selected Publications  

Health Services Research 

Dunton, N. and Fisher, M. (2021).  Organizational Outcomes: Quality, Safety, and Reimbursement.  Nurses Contributions to Quality Health Outcomes. Editors: D. Boyle & M. Baernholdt  

Olds, D. & Cramer, E. (2021). Predictors of physical restraint use on critical care units: An observational tructural Equation Modeling approach. Research in Nursing and Health, epub ahead of print. 

Koehler, T. & Olds, D. (2021). Generational differences in nurses' intention to leave. Western Journal of Nursing Research, epub ahead of print. 

Staggs, V.S., Turner, K., Potter, C., Cramer, E., Dunton, N., Mion, L. & Shorr, R.I. (2020). Unit-level variation in bed alarm use in US hospitals. Research in Nursing & Health. doi: 10.1002/nur.22049. Epub 2020 Jun 9.PMID: 32515837  

Zhao, Y. L., Bott, M., He, J., Kim, H., Park, S. H., & Dunton, N. (2019). Evidence on fall and injurious fall preventions in acute care hospitals.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 49(2): 86-92. DOI:10.1097/NNA.0000000000000715 

Baernholdt, M., Dunton, N., Hughes, R., Stone, P., White, K. (April June 2018) Quality measures: A  stakeholder analysis. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 33(2).

Dissemination and Implementation Research

Nelson-Brantley, H.V., & Chipps, E. (2021). Implementation science and nursing leadership: Improving the adoption and sustainability of evidence-based practice. Journal of Nursing Administration, 51(5), 237-239. PMID 33882549. doi: 10.1097/NNA.0000000000001006

Nelson-Brantley, H.V., Buller, C., Befort, C., Ellerbeck, E., Shifter, A., & Ellis, S. (2020). Using implementation science to further the adoption and implementation of advance care planning in rural primary care. PMCID:

Mudderman, J., Nelson-Brantley, H.V., Wilson-Sands, C., Brahn, P., & Graves, K. (2020). The effect of an evidence-based practice education and mentoring program on increasing knowledge, practice, and attitudes towards EBP in a rural critical access hospital. Journal of Nursing Administration, 50(5), 281-286. PMID: 32317569. doi: 10.1097/NNA.0000000000000884

Omics Research 

Krueger, K. J., Rahman, F. K., Shen, Q., Hiebert, J. B., & Pierce, J. D. (2021). “Clinical trial visits in the age of COVID-19: Implementation of research participant safety measures” International Journal of Clinical Trials, 8(2):167-173. 

Shen, Q., Hiebert, J. B., Rahman, F. K., Krueger, K. J., Gupta, B., & Pierce, J. D. (2021). Understanding Obesity-Related High Output Heart Failure and Its Implications. International Journal of Heart Failure, 3, e4. doi:10.36628/ijhf.2020.0047 

Pierce, J. D., Shen, Q., Vacek, J., Rahman, F., Krueger, K. J., Shah, Z., Bupta, B., & Hiebert, J. B. (2020). Potential Use of Ubiquinol and D-ribose in Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction. Annals of Medicine and Surgery, 55, 77-80. PMCID: PMC7251495P, PMID: 32477499, doi: 10.1016/j.amsu.2020.05.009 

Shen, Q., Mahoney, D., Peltzer, J., Rahman, F. K., Krueger, K. J., Hiebert, J. B., & Pierce, J. D. (2020). Using the NIH symptom science model to understand fatigue and mitochondrial bioenergetics. Journal of Nursing, 7(2), 1-9.  

Mahoney, D. E., Hiebert, J. B., Thimmesch, A., Pierce, J. T., Vacek, J. L., Clancy, R. L., Sauer, A. J., & Pierce J. D. (2018). Understanding D-ribose and mitochondrial function. Advances in Bioscience and Clinical Medicine, 6(1), 1-5. PMCID: PMC5959283, NIHMSID: NIHMS941374, PMID: 29780691 doi: 10.7575/aiac.abcmed.v.6n.1p.1.  

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