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What is Professional Identity in Nursing?

Learn about Professional Identity in Nursing, its history, formation, and initiative

"A sense of oneself, and in relation to others, that is influenced by characteristics, norms, and values of the nursing discipline, resulting in an individual thinking, acting, and feeling like a nurse"

Mission: To change the culture of nursing through intentionally forming and fostering the professional identity of the nursing discipline.

Vision: That every nurse, worldwide, will fully embody their professional identity of nursing and maximize the health and wellbeing of those in their care.

The Professional Identity in Nursing Initiative is powered by the International Society for Professional Identity in Nursing (ISPIN), an international, no-cost membership group whose purpose is to:

  • Study and promote the science of professional identity in nursing.
  • Disseminate scholarly work, ensure meaningful practice integration and regulatory aspects of professional identity.
  • Lead collaboration with organizations representing regulatory, education, practice, and the healthcare consumer in order to foster integration of all aspects of professional identify in nursing.
  • Increase the visibility and understanding of professional identity in nursing by nurses, other healthcare professionals, and society.
  • Be the voice to ensure integration of professional identity in nursing in education, practice, and regulation.
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