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Career Paths

The career opportunities in nursing are extensive. Check out some of the many career paths you can take on your journey.

At the University of Kansas School of Nursing, we're here to help you find your path. With multiple ways to get your BSN, as well as multiple Masters and Doctorate options, we are excited to help you excel in your nursing career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' reports that through 2026 there will be a 15% growth in registered nurses needed across the United States. "This will equate to 203,700 new RNs each year through 2026 to fill newly created positions and to replace retiring nurses." - Source: AACN Fact Sheet

To become a nurse, you will need a Registered Nurse (RN) license. The training to get your license is usually obtained through a two-year Associate Degree in Nursing or a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. There are multiple settings you can work once you have your BSN and RN license.

Once you have your BSN and RN license, you may want to pursue a graduate degree. Graduate degrees are a great way to expand your skillset to further your career. A graduate degree may also allow you to pivot in a different area in your field (e.g. teaching, research or management positions).

Career Resources

Learn more about careers with a BSN and RN license.

Learn more about a master's degree.

Learn more about a doctorate degree.

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