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Global Scholars Distinction Program

Are you interested in extracurricular activities that involved diversity initiatives? Consider joining and participating in our Global Scholars Distinction Program.

The Global Scholars Distinction Program (GSDP) was created to recognize students who take the initiative and show a commitment to actively seeking extracurricular experiences which interface with culture, health disparities, underserved populations and diverse groups to enhance their classroom academics.

Program Objectives

The Global Scholars Distinction Program was created to:

  • Highlight cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills
  • Encourage students to articulate connections between courses and extra-curricular experiences
  • Honor those who demonstrate communication, teaching, and leadership skills
  • Distinguish those who acquire or speak a second language
  • Spotlight student research
  • Recognize experiential learning.
Program Requirements

Each student must participate in a variety of experiences and activities. Each item is worth a determined number of points, and students must acquire a total of 25 points to receive the GSDP certificate which will be visible on the recipient’s transcript. Students can gain points from a combination of the following areas:

  1. Academics (6 points)

There are several courses offered at KUMC which enhance students’ knowledge of diversity, health disparities, and vulnerable populations.

Each course with a cultural or diversity component can be awarded 2 points.

  1. Away Experiences (6 points)

There are many reach off-campus learning experiences in communities, both near and far, available for our students for extended periods of time ranging from one-week to 2 months. These “away experiences” add depth to our students’ learning in the classroom.

Away Experience Points can be earned in the following increments:

Number of Hours Away

GSDP Points

40 hours

½ point

80 hours

1 point

120 hours

1 ½ point

160 hours

2 points

Points can also be awarded for the preparation time required for an international educational experience based on the recommendation from OIP. For example, a one-week IEE preparation is ½ point and preparation for a 2-8 week experience is 2 points.

  1. Activities (6 points)

KUMC offers a vast array of student organizations and events for students to attend, join, and/or participate in.

Each activity can be awarded ½ point to 2 points depending on the time-commitment and the student’s level of involvement and leadership.

  1. Service (6 points)

There are a multitude of community service activities offered by KUMC as well as via organizations outside of the university which give students an opportunity to interact with vulnerable populations. Each student should follow their personal passion when choosing where to complete service hours.

Service can earn 1 point per 10 hours of service

  1. E-portfolio and Reflection Paper (1 point)

Students are required to synthesize and reflect on their experiences by submitting an e-portfolio documenting all activity as well as a final paper.

Upon completion of the program, each student will need to schedule a meeting with the faculty advisor.

Sponsored by: Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Office of International Programs

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