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Admissions and Selection

Information about ODI’s role in the admission and selection process at KU Medical Center.

KUMC’s Executive Vice Chancellor charged a large faculty group with the responsibility of reviewing all aspects of the School of Medicine’s educational program. Staff from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion serve on the Admissions Subcommittee, and the Selection Committee.*

In accordance with the stated mission of the School of Medicine, the Admissions Subcommittee has defined the following as objectives for the admissions process:

  • To select applicants qualified to meet the rigors of a medical career
  • To select applicants who possess personal characteristics, such as leadership, altruism, compassion and social concern, deemed necessary to serve as a competent and caring physician
  • To select applicants who have an awareness of issues in medicine
  • To select applicants who are likely to meet the health care needs of Kansans
  • To promote a process that creates a diverse student body

*The Selection Committee conducts the final review of each interviewed applicant. The committee is composed of 18-20 appointed KUMC affiliates. These committee members are the first interviewers of each applicant and subsequently the presenters of their interviewees to the Selection Committee. An overview and discussion of each applicant is followed by a vote on their admission to the School of Medicine.

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