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Salaries and Benefits

WCGME is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Resident Salaries


Annual Rate Bi-Weekly Rate* Daily Rate
PGY-1 $60,580.82 $2,323.65 $165.97
PGY-2 $61,884.41 $2,373.65 $169.55
PGY-3 $64,058.59 $2,457.04 $175.50
PGY-4 $66,629.09 $2,555.64 $182.55
PGY-5 $69,382.92 $2,661.26 $190.09
PGY-6 $70,722.19 $2,712.63 $193.76


Annual Rate Bi-Weekly Rate* Daily Rate
PGY-1 $59,392.96 $2,271.86 $162.28
PGY-2 $60,670.99 $2,320.75 $165.77
PGY-3 $62,802.54 $2,402.28 $171.59
PGY-4 $65,322.64 $2,498.68 $178.48
PGY-5 $68,022.47 $2,601.95 $185.85
PGY-6 $69,335.48 $2,652.18 $189.44

Insurance Benefits

Benefits including health, dental, vision insurance for the resident and the resident's family is provided at a reasonable monthly cost. Benefits also include full payment of premiums for life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment, each equal to $50,000, as well as full payment of premiums for long-term disability. Please explore details below to learn about each area of coverage.

Residents will be provided insurance with limits as required by Kansas law, plus excess coverage provided via the Kansas HealthCare Stabilization Fund.

Health Savings Account/Flex Spending Account

Residents can elect to participate in HSA or FSA plans, including a Dependent Care FSA. 

Medical Plan Machine Readable File (MRF)

WCGME’s Medical Plan Machine Readable File (MRF) can be accessed using the following link:

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Transparency in Coverage Rule requires health plans to create a member-facing price comparison tool and post publicly available machine-readable files. These files must be updated monthly and include in-network negotiated payment rates and historical out-of-network charges for covered items and services, including prescription drugs. The purpose of this Rule is to help you know the cost of your health care before receiving the care. 

Leave Benefits

  • Paid Time Off (non-cumulative): 20 weekdays (4 weeks) - PTO may be used for absence due to illness or medical, mental health and dental needs of the resident or their dependents.
  • Bereavement: three consecutive days of paid bereavement leave will be granted in the case of a death in the resident’s immediate family.
  • Medical, Parental, Caregiver Leave: 30 weekdays (6 weeks) of paid leave that can be used throughout residency under specific circumstances.

Residents should be aware that whether or not a leave is paid does not determine whether or not a leave will result in the extension of residency training. Please see the Paid Time Off and Leave of Absence Policy in the WCGME Policy Manual for more details.


Learn about the features of our 403(b) retirement plan (PDF)

Employee Assistance Plan

Our Employee Assistance Plan offers confidential counseling, access to financial specialists and legal assistance. Learn more (PDF). 

Additional Benefits

  • Parking: Free parking provided at all Wichita hospitals.
  • On-call Meals: Meals are provided in hospital cafeterias or coffee shops when on call and required to stay on hospital premises for 24 hours or longer.
  • Registration Fees: ACLS, BLS and/or PALS certification and recertification fees provided at no cost to residents.
  • Postgraduate Permits and Initial DEA Registration: Kansas license (Postgraduate Permit) and initial DEA registration provided at no cost for PGY-1 residents.
  • Salary Advance for Moonlighting Insurance: Salary advances are available to purchase malpractice insurance for moonlighting activities that have been approved by the program director.
  • Salary Advance for Relocation Expense: Salary advances of up to $2,000 are available to new residents to assist with relocation/start-up expenses.
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