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What is a Cardiovascular Sonographer?

Learn how to be a cardiovascular sonographer through University of Kansas Respiratory Therapy Care program.

As a cardiovascular sonographer, you'll use ultrasound technology to diagnose and treat patients with heart and blood vessel conditions.

Your possible duties as a cardiovascular sonographer include performing echocardiograms, or ultrasound imaging, to evaluate heart chamber size, valve function and blood flow. Other jobs may include scheduling appointments, explaining procedures to patients and maintaining ultrasound equipment.

If you choose to earn a certificate in cardiovascular sonography, your career projections remain strong, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Job outlook from 2018-2028 is 14%, much higher than the average job growth
  • Employment opportunities in hospitals, physician offices, medical and diagnostic laboratories and walk-in clinics
  • Median salary of $34 per hour
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Learn About KU's Program

Our 21-month cardiovascular sonography program offers concentrations in adult echocardiography/vascular technology and adult/pediatric echocardiography.
Program Details
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University of Kansas Medical Center
Respiratory Care and Diagnostic Science
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