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Class Reunion Events

Join your fellow Jayhawks to celebrate, reconnect and make new memories! This year's festivities will highlight class years ending in 2 and 7, but all alumni are welcome.

This year's class reunion events are listed below. More event details will be available in July. If you don't see your class and are interested in helping plan a reunion event, please contact or 913-588-1255.

Class Year School or Program Reunion Year
1960 Medicine 62nd Reunion
1962 Medicine 60th Reunion
1962 Nursing 60th Reunion
1967 Medicine 55th Reunion
1972 Clinical Laboratory Sciences 50th Reunion
1972 Medicine 50th Reunion
1972 Nursing 50th Reunion
1977 Clinical Laboratory Sciences 45th Reunion
1977 Nursing 45th Reunion
1982 Medicine 40th Reunion
1982 Nursing 40th Reunion
1982 Nurse Anesthesia 40th Reunion
1982 Physical Therapy 40th Reunion
1987 Respiratory Care 35th Reunion
1997 Medicine 25th Reunion
2002 Health Information Management 20th Reunion
2002 Medicine 20th Reunion
2007 Clinical Laboratory Sciences 15th Reunion
2007 Dietetics & Nutrition 15th Reunion
2007 Medicine 15th Reunion
2007 Physical Therapy 15th Reunion
2012 Clinical Laboratory Sciences 10th Reunion
2012 Medicine 10th Reunion
2012 Physical Therapy 10th Reunion
2017 Dietetics & Nutrition 5th Reunion
2017 Health Information Management 5th Reunion
2017 Medicine 5th Reunion
2017  Occupational Therapy 5th Reunion

Please note the list above is subject to change. Last updated on April 1. 

If you have questions about class events or Alumni Reunion Weekend in general, please contact us.

Alumni Relations